Loss weight with the help of HCG

Trying to find the best way to lose plenty of weight quickly? There are many means of carrying this out in our time. Many people choose to go the route of exercise, others choose to eat differently. These are many of the most common ways people try to slim down. Anyone would understand why someone would want to slim down in our time. With all the billboards and posters of superstars with slim waists it can really be difficult for us. With our busy schedules how can we find time to lose all the weight we need to lose. But now there is finally an answer. The HCG drops is a very quick weight loss diet that really works. In this article we intend to break the diet down to suit your needs into some simple steps that will help you understand the diet better and then apply it into your life.

Step 1 – The Pig Out Stage This stage will seem very contradictory but it truly works in the end. You’ll eat as many fatty foods as you can for about 2 or 3 days. This does not include sugars but simply fats. Get as much of these fatty foods as possible and don’t be worried about any reprecussions. After you finish this diet you will see why you did this and just how much it helps.

Step 2 – Purging The Pounds This is where this diet starts to become a little more difficult. From this point on you will begin to start eating on a very strict diet plan. After you finish the 3 days of the first diet then you’ll begin to take HCG drops before mealtime. You will start by taking a spoon full of the HCG diet drops and placing them below your tongue for around 15 seconds. Once you have done this it is possible to eat only 10 minutes later. You will need to do this for breakfast lunch and dinner. The breakfasts on this second stage will be a simple fruit such as an orange or apple. Your lunches is going to be about an ounce of any meat with an unlimited level of a vegetable of your liking. The dinner would be the same thing but it cannot be the same vegetable and meat as lunch. You may also eat a fruit before going to sleep. The whole intent behind this diet is to keep the calorie intake to a small minimum. The HCG diet drops can help you out along the way by keeping your hunger down to the absolute minimum. It will all be very tolerable. Should you keep up with this stage you will lose around 1 or 2 pounds each day until you get to your goal weight. Just keep with the plan provided and keep taking the oral HCG drops.

Step 3 – The Maintenance Stage On this phase of the diet you will continue much of the things listed on the second phase. Except here you may slowly begin to transition into your normal diet. Additionally , you will have more lee-way to eat more than you did on the second stage. You will still continue to take your HCG weight loss drops to help to maintain the hunger down. Slowly but surely you will reach your location. After you have lost the weight and you really are on this stage you will be dieing for some fatty foods that you are accustomed to eat. This is one of the reasons why you load up on these in the first step. So make certain you stay clear from most fats. Remember, should you start eating like you did prior to the diet you will begin to gain the weight back again. So be sure to stick to the rules that are included with your HCG kit you will receive. The kit also comes with a handy cookbook that will help you make great foods that are very tolerable so you should be able to hold off those urges if you possess the will power. But whatever you do, don’t give up at the center or you will gain it all back.

Step 4 – The Return To Normality This step is simple, you will transition to your normal eating habits. On this step you will just need to make sure that you do not over do your eating. You will begin to start consuming more of the foods which you ate before the diet but you will be a lot more careful to stay away from some specific things. Just don’t over do it all. You will be constantly watching your weight to make sure that you don’t over do it together with your eating.

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